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Ten Things to Love about Dentistry for Kids

Be still our hearts! Last week we got this “10 Things I Love About Dentistry for Kids” list from the most delightful patient. Spoiler alert: we care about you so much!

Would you like to read the list too?

"April 27, 2023

The 10 Things I love about Dentistry for Kids

  1. The dentists are gentle.

  2. The dentists are kind and nice.

  3. They have a lot of tooth polish flavors.

  4. They have special rooms to clean your teeth in.

  5. They have a fun waiting room.

  6. They ask me if I need a little break while cleaning my teeth.

  7. They give us special toys after my appointment.

  8. They have special TVs on the ceiling.

  9. I always look forward to my next appointment.

Number 10 is the best of all. I care about them because...

10. They care about me."

Keep brushing while you change the world, sweet girl! 🧡🦷🧡 Thank you for seeing the gentle and kind method we strive for with every patient.

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