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🦷 Learning about X-rays with Dr. Kris

Here at Dentistry for Kids we are all about having fun and learning more when you're at the dentist. Dr. Kris outlined some good info about X-rays that we wanted to share with all of you! Check out the images above and read more about what the dentist sees after you get X-rays.

1. How well can you read a dental X-ray? Can you spot the cavities in this image?

2. One of the most common areas for cavities in children’s teeth is in between them. Often parents forget to help children floss their teeth; baby tooth molars have large contact points and easily build up plaques that harbor bacteria. Cavities can grow easily in these areas when left unclean. No one wants unnecessary X-rays, but cavities in this area cannot usually be seen during a visual-only exam. Once a cavity originating in this area become visible, the cavity is so large that the tooth is often already infected, requiring much more invasive management. Now look at the original X-ray and see if you can see the cavities without the markings.

3. See the bright spots in that tooth? Those are small metal amalgam fillings that were placed by another office before this patient came to our clinic.

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