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Early Ortho Care Helps Everyone! with Dr. Kris

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Early orthodontic care not only looks good, but improves functionality for life. Dentistry for Kids is committed to the best orthodontic treatments with long-term benefits.

When we start early, during a child’s growth, we can often prevent more complicated future situations which might require extensive treatments, permanent tooth extractions and/or surgical assistance. Most people are surprised to learn that most children’s jaws stop growing by age nine. If we want to aid jaw growth and facilitate better development we have to treat much earlier than most people think when they think of “braces”.

In the before and after above, our patient had eight brackets placed on the front four top and bottom teeth for a year. Now she has a simple retainer on the top and bottom holding teeth in place while adult teeth continue to move into place. It was a low-cost solution to what could have been a life-long situation. We want what is best for your child and preventative and early orthodontic care can be the best ways to achieve goals for both parents and patients!

We recommend all patients have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7, book an orthodontic consolation today! (505) 473-5437

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